Update on Fat Injections for Breast Augmentation

  In my blog post Fat Injections for Breast Enlargement: Where Does It Stand? (September 28, 2010), I discussed the status of this relatively “new” technique for breast augmentation including the issues and concerns that needed to be considered and thoroughly evaluated. So where are we today? For many years,…

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Men: Fat Injections of Your “Manhood” Will Not Enhance Your Future

The popularity of fat injections for cosmetic enhancement continues to soar and the applications for its usages expand. It almost appears that it can be part of the solution for almost any cosmetic issue.. Aging face? Facelift AND fat injections. Body contour depressions? Fat injections to fill in the concavities….

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Phoenix Plastic Surgeon Uses Fat Injections To Provide Fullness And Volume To Face And Breasts

Dr. Steven Turkeltaub uses a combination of liposuction and fat injections to level out depressed scars, add fullness to the face, and provide greater volume and improved contours to the body. Phoenix, AZ – At the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steven Turkeltaub’s Phoenix plastic surgery practice, patients…

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Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction: A Major Innovation That Can Lead to Great Results

There have been numerous major innovations in breast reconstruction over the last quarter century that have paved the way for dramatic improvements in the final results. Starting with tissue expanders that are designed to stretch out the chest wall tissues in order to accommodate breast implants, to a multitude of…

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Fat Injections for Breast Enlargement: Where Does It Stand?

Advertisements are appearing promising breast enlargements accomplished through injections of your own body fat. This almost sounds too good to be true. After all, they claim that your unwanted body fat can be removed with liposuction and then injected into your breasts to augment them. This raises many questions including:…

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