Juvederm Volbella® XC for Natural Lip Enhancement

Do you want big, fake looking lips that make you stand out in a crowd? Do you admire duck or fish lips and wish you had that look? Do you want your lips to be swollen for a few days after they are injected that can limit your “public” appearances…

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Fuller Lips: A Recent Trend?

It seems that the desire to have noticeably larger lips has been a trend for a long time. For years, probably well more than twenty, we all have seen women walking around with unnaturally enlarged lips that grabbed our attention. Despite this finding, a study just published in the JAMA…

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Introducing JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC for Lip Rejuvenation, Plump Lips and the Treatment of Fine Lines Around the Mouth

Do you want your lips to be plumper but not truly larger? Have your lips shrunk in size and have wrinkles but you are afraid that fillers will give you “duck” lips? Are you unhappy with the lines around your mouth but haven’t found any great solution with fillers? If…

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