Can Daily Usage of Sunscreen Protect Your Skin Against Aging?

Sunscreen or no sunscreen? If you are relatively fair complected, do you faithfully put sunscreen on your face daily in attempts to protect your skin or do you not care, not know or have a fascinating reason or excuse for not doing so? Of course, if you have naturally dark…

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Chronic Sun Exposure and Its Dramatic Effects on Skin Aging

Do you want to learn two simple ways to keep your skin looking better longer? Of course you do! And wouldn’t it be more fantastic if these courses of action are absolutely pain free, inexpensive, non-surgical and require no down time? Absolutely! What are they, you ask? Minimize sun exposure…

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The Dangers of Tanning Bed Usage

Despite an intense sun shining nearly every day, year round, I find it absolutely amazing and puzzling that so many Arizonans frequent tanning beds. It doesn’t take very much to get a tan or burn here – and it need not be 110 degrees either. You may think that you…

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New Federal Regulations Of Sunscreens May Be Helpful In Evaluating Their Effectiveness and Protection Level

Extensive, prolonged sun exposure without skin protection has been associated not only with premature aging of the skin but also with an increased risk of developing a variety of skin cancers, most commonly basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. The risks are far higher in those with…

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Tanning: Another Addiction

We know that smoking and drinking alcohol can be addicting. Some people even have a sex addiction. Studies now show that tanning, whether by the sun or in a tanning booth, can also be addicting. This is independent of the desire to look good and despite the knowledge of the…

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Kangaroos May Hold The Secret For The Prevention of Skin Cancers

Investigators in Australia and Austria have discovered a particular DNA enzyme in the skin of kangaroos that is effective in repairing the genetic damage associated with many skin cancers. This same enzyme is also present in other animals but not in humans. Sunscreens can be helpful in blocking the skin’s…

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