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Also known as a brow lift, a forehead lift rejuvenates the upper third of the face by elevating and repositioning the brow and forehead. Like eyelid surgery, this procedure can improve the appearance around the eyes, helping to correct a tired or aged look. Forehead lift surgery also can improve deep forehead creases and hyperactive muscles.

Approaches to Forehead Lift

There are two major approaches for forehead lift surgery: endoscopic and open. The endoscopic approach uses short incisions that are placed behind the hairline to help elevate the brows, tighten the skin, and address muscle hyperactivity. This method has many advantages and can be used on a majority of patients.

The open forehead lift technique involves an incision that extends from ear to ear. This can be placed either completely within the scalp or partially along the hairline at the top of the forehead. In certain situations, this approach can provide a better outcome.

There are much less common techniques to a forehead lift that are reserved for specific situations. These include incisions placed through the upper eyelid when combined with eyelid surgery or placed in a forehead crease for men with advanced balding.

A forehead lift is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and is frequently combined with eyelid surgery and a facelift. Learn more about forehead lift surgery by contacting our practice today or by visiting our FAQs page.

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