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BOTOX® Injections

Q: Are BOTOX® injections painful?

A: An extremely fine needle is used to inject the BOTOX® Cosmetic solution, keeping discomfort to a minimum – for most patients.

Q: When will I start to see the effects of BOTOX® injections?

A: Onset of the effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic are usually seen at 3 – 5 days though it can take up to two and a half weeks to see the full result.

Q: How long does BOTOX® Cosmetic last?

A: Duration of the results from BOTOX® injections average around three to four months. This can vary from patient to patient.

Q: What areas in the face are commonly treated with BOTOX® injections?

A: The three most common areas treated in the face are the wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet at the outer corner of the eyes. BOTOX® Cosmetic in much lower quantities has been used to make very minor adjustments in eyebrow shape and position as well as to make fine changes in lip configuration.

Laser Resurfacing

Q: What are my options for dramatically improving facial wrinkles?

A: Many options are available to improve facial wrinkles including a wide array of highly touted lasers. Too often, though, the improvements are relatively minor and can be difficult to discern. The choices for substantial improvements include CO2 laser rejuvenation, the Erbium laser, certain chemical peels, and dermabrasion. In general, the Ultrapulsed CO2 laser usually gives a more precise, predictable and dramatic result than the chemical peels and dermabrasion and a more substantial result than the Erbium laser.

Q: Is the CO2 laser resurfacing painful?

A: The discomfort is usually fairly well tolerated if there is some type of dressing, lotion or ointment applied to the skin following the resurfacing. There can be considerable swelling of the eyes and lips for a few days following a full face resurfacing.

Q: Can I choose to have just my eyelids or lips resurfaced with the laser?

A: Because the laser is so effective, dramatic improvements in the skin’s appearance can be seen. As a result, there is usually a significant difference between areas that are treated versus those that are not which can lead to a patchwork appearance. For this reason, Dr. Turkeltaub usually recommends full face skin resurfacing.

Q: How soon can I go out in public after a full face CO2 laser treatment?

A: Most people are presentable about two weeks after undergoing the procedure.

Q: When can I wear makeup?

A: You can usually wear makeup about two weeks after the procedure.

Fat Injections

Q: What are fat injections used for?

A: Fat injections are commonly used to add fullness to areas on the face in order to provide a more youthful or balanced look. They are frequently done in conjunction with a face lift. Fat injections are commonly used in breast reconstruction (and much less commonly as an adjunct in breast augmentation) and scar treatment and can also help to correct contour deformities that have resulted from trauma, cellulite, or even following liposuction.

Q: Where does the fat come from?

A: The fat can be taken from any location where it won’t be missed if it is removed. The abdomen and thighs are the most common sites.

Q: I am having liposuction. Can some of the removed fat be injected into areas where I need it?

A: Liposuction is a perfect time to do fat injections. The fat that would otherwise be discarded now can be put to a good use.

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