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Over time, the majority of women experience noticeable changes in the appearance of their breasts as a result of factors such as genetics, gravity, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breast feeding, aging, sun exposure and artificial tanning. Some of the most common changes occurring include a decrease in skin elasticity, drooping or sagging of breast tissue and an appreciable loss of breast volume.

While a breast lift (mastopexy) can address skin laxity and tissue sagging, it will not increase the size of the breasts for individuals also seeking to restore lost volume (and possibly more) or replace strategic contours. On the other hand, a breast augmentation can add volume to the breast but it will not correct drooping or skin laxity for those wishing to lift the breasts to a more youthful position.

To fully address all of these concerns, a breast lift along with a breast augmentation is generally the most appropriate surgical solution. Also referred to as an augmentation-mastopexy, breast lift with implants or breast augmentation with a lift, this cosmetic procedure is designed to simultaneously elevate and enlarge the breasts through tissue removal and reshaping as well as with the placement of breast implants. When performed properly by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub, the final outcome can be attractive, rejuvenated, perkier breasts with an enhanced overall shape and volume.

Breast Implant Options

Breast implants are available in a wide range of types, shapes, sizes and surface textures. At the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Turkeltaub offers a variety of silicone and saline options including the highly cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants. Individualizing the particular implants to meet an individual’s desires while taking into account their anatomy and tissue characteristics can increase the prospects of realizing beautiful, voluptuous breasts that one can be very happy with.

For more detailed information about available implant options, please see Dr. Turkeltaub’s page dedicated to breast implants.

Augmentation-Mastopexy Procedure

For virtually all patients, the augmentation-mastopexy procedure is performed as a single operation instead of in two separate stages. During surgery, excess skin is removed, breast tissue is contoured and lifted to a higher position, the nipple-areolar complexes are resized and repositioned and implants are precisely placed in order to obtain firmer and more aesthetically pleasing and youthful appearing breasts. This is typically accomplished under general anesthesia as an outpatient.

For patients also interested in improving other areas affected by pregnancy and/or dramatic weight fluctuation, augmentation-mastopexy can often be combined with an abdominoplasty and/or liposuction as part of a “Mommy Makeover” or even other procedures such as arm lifts and eyelid surgery.

Incision Location

The specific incision utilized for breast lift with augmentation will depend on such factors as the extent of breast sagging, skin elasticity, quantity of excess skin, nipple location, current and desired breast size and Dr. Turkeltaub’s preference. The following are possible incision options:

  • Periareolar – Generally reserved for patients who have only minor breast drooping and tissue laxity, this incision solely encircles the outer perimeter of the areola. Although there is less scarring associated with this approach, Dr. Turkeltaub rarely recommends the periareolar incision due to the unacceptable “flattened” breast shape that it usually creates.
  • Lollipop – Mostly used for individuals with mild sagging and excess skin, this incision encircles the areola and continues down to the crease below the breasts. As suggested by its name, the resulting scar resembles the shape of a lollipop. There are not many situations where this approach would be appropriate and the best choice.
  • Inverted “T” – Also known as an anchor-shaped incision, this technique encircles the outer border of the areola, continues vertically down to the crease beneath the breasts and extends horizontally for a variable distance along the inframammary fold. This incision pattern is the most common approach utilized by Dr. Turkeltaub due to its greater flexibility, accuracy, comprehensiveness and impact when contouring tissues (among numerous other advantages).

Breast implants can be successfully inserted and placed into position employing each of these incision options. The most appropriate method for a patient will be comprehensively discussed and reviewed at the time of the consultation.

Implant Placement

Augmentation-mastopexy patients have two options for breast implant placement: behind the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular or subpectoral) or in front of it (submammary). In the vast majority of instances, Dr. Turkeltaub recommends placing implants behind the muscle for the following reasons:

  • Mammogram results can be more easily and accurately read
  • There is a reduced risk for capsular contracture (hardening of scar tissue around the implants) to occur
  • The greater amount of tissue coverage diminishes the risk of visible rippling on the surface of the skin
  • A more natural appearance is often created due to a superior interface between the implant and chest wall
  • The pectoralis major muscle provides better long-term implant support in comparison to skin only. (When skin alone is providing support, the implant’s weight will cause the skin to stretch and thin more quickly over time, which ultimately leads to greater sagging.)

Augmentation-Mastopexy Recovery

A conforming, supportive dressing is employed following surgery. This is removed within a few days and replaced with a surgical or sports-type bra that is worn day and night for around a week to ten days. After this time, Dr. Turkeltaub strongly suggests wearing a supportive bra as often as possible to help slow the progression of the breasts drooping over time due to gravity.

Some degree of swelling does occur initially but there is typically little or no bruising. Most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort for the first few days of recovery. The majority of women feel well enough to resume non-strenuous daily routines like school and office jobs within five to seven days. It is recommended that any sports, strenuous activities or heavy lifting be avoided for at least three weeks.

Augmentation-Mastopexy Before-and-After Photos*

Dr. Turkeltaub is highly experienced in combining breast lift surgery with implants to achieve exceptionally natural-looking results. The following are examples of the outcomes some of his patients have attained.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Before-and-After Photos

*Individual Results May Vary

Interested in Breast Augmentation with a Lift?

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