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Laser photoIt is very common these days for men and women to seek non-surgical cosmetic treatments for aesthetic concerns that at one point in time may have only had surgical solutions. For those individuals willing to accept limitations in outcome as a trade-off for not pursuing surgical options, these non-operative techniques are far more affordable, result in less discomfort and require little or no time away from work and/or daily routines.

CUTERA®’s excel V™ is a non-ablative, tunable laser system that combines two laser frequencies to non-surgically tighten and rejuvenate skin as well as treat age and sun spots, facial redness, spider veins of the face and legs as well as numerous other skin concerns. Using ultra-precise laser wavelengths and unique contact cooling, the excel V™ platform has the versatility to treat most skin types with an optimal degree of safety, comfort and efficacy and do so generally with minimal or no down time.

What Concerns Can Be Treated?

The excel V™ laser can minimize fine lines and wrinkles and help rejuvenate facial skin by tightening/firming deeper tissue layers. As a non-invasive technique, no top layers of skin are removed (non-ablative), and there is no downtime.

In addition to non-ablative facial skin rejuvenation, the excel V™ laser can be used to treat nearly 20 skin conditions, some of which previously had only surgical and/or very limited non-surgical solutions. These include:

*Individual Results May Vary

The excelV™ Laser Procedure

The excel V™ laser can be adjusted to optimally treat each patient’s specific skin condition(s), delivering focused, high-power laser energy to the areas of concern. Once administered, this laser energy heats the targeted vessels/tissues to the extent necessary in order to effect the desired changes.

Throughout treatment, the excel V™ laser platform uses an innovative contact cooling system designed to enhance patient comfort by providing continuous cooling before, during and after each pulse of laser energy. This unique feature eliminates the need for a local or topical anesthetic, it significantly reduces the risk of under-cooling and/or over-treating targeted areas and minimizes risks to skin pigmentation.

Depending on the issue to be addressed, quantity and the size of the targeted area involved, the entire procedure may take between 10-40 minutes to complete. While many patients notice a dramatic improvement after just one treatment, a series of excel V™ sessions, possibly three or more, may be necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Recovery from excel V™ Laser Treatment

Following treatment with the excel V™ laser, some temporary redness and/or swelling may be apparent, but bruising is typically rare. There is minimal to no downtime associated with most of the procedures so the majority of patients are able to return to normal daily activities as soon as treatment is complete. Intense heat and exposure to UV rays should be avoided for at least a couple days after treatment.

Unlike many other non-invasive procedures, initial results can often be seen immediately, though it may take a few weeks for more of the outcome to become fully apparent.

CUTERA®’s excel V™ laser system is one of the most efficient and effective techniques available for non-surgically improving vascular and other skin concerns as well as rejuvenating facial skin with pleasing results.

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