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Awaken Your Confidence: Spring Offers for a Vibrant Transformation!

When we feel good about the way we look, we radiate confidence and positive energy to those around us. As we prepare for the warmer weather ahead, Dr. Turkeltaub’s spring specials are designed to address aesthetic concerns and help your inner beauty to shine through. With hundreds of dollars off Gynecomastia Treatment, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck Surgery, you can save on treatments that’ll help you look and feel your best. Take advantage of these great specials while they last!


$250 off Gynecomastia Treatment*


Have enlarged male breasts caused you to be more self-conscious about what you wear or how you look without a shirt? Gynecomastia Surgery from Dr. Turkeltaub can provide you with a more masculine-contoured chest and enable you to feel better about yourself and your body. To help make this a reality for you, we are proud to offer an additional $250 off our already very reasonable Male Breast Reduction surgical fee. And, your consultation is absolutely free!

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$300 Off Tummy Tuck Surgery*


A Tummy Tuck can tighten loose abdominal musculature and remove hanging skin and excess fat, helping you attain a flatter, firmer figure. Through this offer, you’ll get $300 off our already reasonably priced Abdominoplasty procedure, enabling you to achieve your abdominal contouring goals at an excellent rate. As a bonus, your consultation will also be free, further maximizing your savings.

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$250 Off Breast Augmentation*


Don’t shy away from wearing the top or swimsuit of your dreams this spring and summer. Breast Augmentation can be customized to enhance the size, shape and/or symmetry of your breasts, helping you achieve an ideal fit in whatever you wish to wear. With this special, we’ll take an additional $250 off our Breast Augmentation fee—which is already reasonably priced. Combine that with a complimentary consultation and treatment doesn’t have to break the bank!

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*Must be scheduled and performed by April 21st, 2024

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