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A plump, sensual pout has long been considered an aesthetic ideal and a sign of youth. Many individuals who are born with thin lips wish to create a fuller, more voluptuous appearance. With aging, there is noticeable thinning and deflation of the lips. These are some of the reasons why lip augmentation has become a very popular procedure. Dr. Steven Turkeltaub offers safe and effective options for lip augmentation to help his patients obtain more natural looking outcomes.

Treatment Options

The two major approaches to increase lip volume involve either the injection or surgical insertion of a volume enhancing material into the lips. We offer a variety of injectable materials for lip augmentation, the most popular ones being Juvederm®, Restylane® and one’s own fat. Volume enhancers that are surgically inserted include scar or other tissue from one’s own body, implantable donor human tissue such as AlloDerm® and artificial materials such as Gore-Tex®.

Juvederm® and Restylane® injections are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance present in large quantities throughout the body. The injections are very effective in creating larger lips that feel, move and function normally. Results can last six months to a year or longer. Local anesthesia is administered for the comfort of our patients to make lip augmentation treatment essentially painless.

*Individual Results May Vary

Fat injections are another method used to create larger lips. The fat is harvested from sites such as the abdomen, processed, and then injected into the lips. More than one session may be necessary to obtain longer lasting results. However, because there is considerable variability in the survival of fat, no guarantees can be made regarding how long the results will last using fat injections.

Swelling after the procedure can be considerable and last several days or longer, depending on the amount of correction. Gore-Tex® and other non-biological materials, and human donor tissues such as AlloDerm® have also been used for lip augmentation. In general, these materials provide less than ideal results including lip stiffness, asymmetries and abnormal movements. Post operative swelling can be quite significant, lasting several weeks or more.

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Please contact the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to learn more about lip augmentation or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Turkeltaub. You can also read more about the treatment in our FAQs (frequently asked questions) page.

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