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With the passage of time, most women notice appreciable changes in the appearance of their breasts, changes that are not necessarily related to a woman’s chronological age or level of fitness. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, the effects of time on the skin’s elasticity, weight loss, gravity and genetics can combine to cause once-perky breasts to droop or sag. A breast lift (mastopexy) addresses these changes by reshaping the breast tissue, tightening the skin, reducing the size of the nipple-areola complexes and elevating them to a higher, more natural position. The results can be perkier, rejuvenated breasts with a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Breast Lift Options

Women who elect to undergo a breast lift have several issues to consider before surgery. The two most important of these relate to:

A.) The desired ultimate breast size
B.) The incisions used to accomplish the recontouring and lifting.

A breast lift (mastopexy) is the term to describe the surgery of re-elevating the breasts to their proper positions by removal of excess skin and recontouring elements of the breasts. It does not alter the breast volume significantly. For those quite happy with their size, a breast lift alone may suffice. It is Dr. Turkeltaub’s experience, however, that the vast majority of women seeking to have a breast lift also desire a breast augmentation. Some of these women had always wished to be larger and the need now for a lift presents the opportunity to obtain this enlargement. Others want to regain the volume they lost (plus more) in their breasts following pregnancy and breast feeding or as a consequence of considerable weight loss. In these situations, just lifting and tightening the breasts will reposition the remaining tissue but will not replace lost volume or strategic contours. Breast implants not only will enlarge the breasts but can also create a fuller shape, improved cleavage, increased youthful firmness and a more rejuvenated appearance.

A mastopexy with implants is essentially two distinct procedures – a breast augmentation and a breast lift – combined into one. Therefore, when electing to use breast implants with the lift, virtually all the same factors need to be considered as they would for a breast augmentation.

There are also women presenting with large droopy breasts who not only want to be lifted but also reduced in size. A mastopexy can accomplish this by removal of breast tissue concurrent with the lift. When the volume of tissue needed to be removed in order to obtain a certain cup size exceeds a specified amount, this procedure would then be considered a breast reduction.

The type and extent of the incisions to be used for the mastopexy would be dependent on numerous factors including the extent of drooping, amount of excess skin, skin elasticity, current and desired breast size, nipple position and physician preference. Commonly considered options include:

  1. Crescent lift. The incision just involves the top half of the areola and is used only for only the most minimal amount of skin laxity
  2. Periareolar mastopexy (also known as a circumareolar, purse string or Benelli mastopexy). Skin tightening and contouring are accomplished through a limited incision that encircles the entire areola. (For more about this read Periareolar Mastopexy: Sacrificing Shape and More for Less Incisions which is in the blog section)
  3. Lollipop mastopexy. This approach involves an incision that goes around the entire areola then down to the crease at the lower part of the breast – like the shape of a lollipop.
  4. Inverted-T or anchor shaped mastopexy. This is the most common technique employed and involves not only an incision around the areola and them down to the crease at the lower part of the breast but it also extends a variable distance along the crease as well, resulting in an anchor shape scar. Many advantages are associated with this approach including greater flexibility and accuracy in contouring and positioning which allows for a much more natural appearing breast.

Dr. Turkeltaub will discuss these and all other relevant factors in detail during the initial consultation.

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Breast Lift Procedures

Breast lift (mastopexy) surgery is performed as an outpatient, usually under general anesthesia. It can be combined with many other cosmetic procedures for more extensive and cost effective improvements. Breast lifts with or without breast implants are most commonly combined with tummy tucks as part of a “Mommy Makeover”.

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Recovery from a Breast Lift

A dressing is placed for a few days, which is then replaced with a supportive bra. It is recommended to wear a supportive bra on a regular basis to help slow down to inevitable continuation of drooping over time.

For women undergoing a breast lift without implants, the early post-operative discomfort is fairly minimal. If an enlargement with implants is done as well, the course is similar to that of a breast augmentation. Most women are able to return to school or a non-strenuous job within several days to 1 week. It is recommended that you avoid vigorous activities such as sports and aerobics for three weeks.

Learn more about breast lift surgery by reading our FAQs (frequently asked questions) section.

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Breast Lift Before-and-After Photos

The following before-and-after photos of actual mastopexy patients at Dr. Turkeltaub’s practice show the true benefits of the breast lift procedure.

Click here for our full gallery.

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