Inverted Nipples in Men

  Inverted nipples are a developmental abnormality which appears at around the time of puberty. Their incidence in women is estimated to be somewhere in the range of 3.5% to 10%. Of those affected, it can be safely said that nearly 100% are quite bothered with this anatomic issue, often…

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Should You Have Your Inverted Nipples Treated While Undergoing a Breast Augmentation?

You are very self-conscious about your breasts for two quite understandable reasons. They are small AND you have inverted nipples. You know that a breast augmentation will enlarge your breasts, making you feel more attractive, sexy, confident and sociable as well as improve your self-esteem. Several of your friends have…

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Will Inverted Nipple Treatment Affect My Ability to Breastfeed?

The treatment of inverted nipples is a relatively minor procedure that typically involves a tiny, inconspicuous incision made at the base of the nipple. Through this incision, the shortened milk ducts and ligaments responsible for the nipple retraction are released, leading to a more desirable, normal-looking nipple with definitive projection….

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Plastic Surgery Correction of an Inverted Left Nipple in a 55 Year Old Woman

In previous blogs pertaining to inverted nipples like the Successful Treatment of an Inverted Nipple in a 40 Year Old Woman , I noted that this condition can be quite emotionally stressful for a woman. Its presence can be associated with a loss of self-esteem and confidence, depression and greatly…

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Successful Treatment of an Inverted Nipple in a Forty Year Old Woman

Having an inverted nipple of one or both breasts is not a rare occurrence. However, what is extremely common in women who have this anatomic variant is that it is a bothersome issue. Annoying. Irritating. No, not of the physical type such as pain or rashes. What an inverted nipple…

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Successful Treatment of a Patient With Barbell Pierced Inverted Nipples

As I indicated in a previous post on inverted nipples, they are not just a minor cosmetic issue for most women. This anatomic variation can be quite traumatic on a girl’s or woman’s psyche, resulting in feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, lack of confidence and even depression and can adversely affect…

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The Psychological Impact of Having Inverted Nipples Can Be Quite Significant But The Plastic Surgical Solution Is Simple and Easy

My experience treating many women over the years with inverted nipples is that the associated adverse psychological effects of having this deformity should never be overestimated. Yes, many girls and women can and do deal with this variant quite well or as a matter of fact. Nevertheless, for girls reaching…

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