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Having inverted nipples is often more than quite embarrassing. They can adversely impact one’s self-esteem, confidence and feelings of femininity, sexual attractiveness and desire. High levels of anxiety and even depression are often associated with this issue. In fact, many women go to great lengths in order to avoid close relationships because they are fearful and even terrified by the prospects for intimacy.

There is very good news, however.

The plastic surgery treatment for inverted nipples is relatively simple, predictable and successful – particularly when performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. (see: The Psychological Impact of Having Inverted Nipples Can Be Quite Significant But The Plastic Surgical Solution Is Simple and Easy )

For the vast majority of patients, it is very EASY and not painful. Of course, this can be influenced by the skill and technique employed by one’s surgeon.

So what can you expect following the treatment of your inverted nipples?

The following is the typical approach that I use for my patients (though other plastic surgeons will have their own individualized routine):

Correction of the inverted nipples is performed in my office under local anesthesia with the results evident immediately. As an important part of the procedure, a stabilizing and protective dressing, is placed that secures the nipples in their corrected position. This is usually removed at two weeks after which a smaller, removable and less obtrusive protective dressing is placed for another six weeks. The purpose of this is to shield the nipples from compressive forces such as from a bra or clothes and allow healing to occur so that you can obtain a successful, permanent and natural looking result.

Inverted nipples (front view)

Inverted nipples after treatment

Inverted right nipple

Right nipple after treatment

Inverted left nipple

Left nipple after treatment

Discomfort following the procedure is generally minimal to none and well addressed by Tylenol, if needed. Ice or cool packs MUST NOT be used as they can cause constriction of the blood vessels and jeopardize the viability of the nipples. Smoking, including of marijuana, also have this adverse effect on blood supply and also must be avoided for at least one month prior to one month after treatment.

You can return to school or work the next day. I do recommend avoiding vigorous physical activities for around two to three weeks. Showers can be taken immediately although for the first two weeks, because of the dressings in place, the nipple area needs to remain dry.

From my personal experience, when patients follow instructions, complications are extremely rare including for recurrence. The incisions used to release the inverted nipples are inconspicuous, leaving no tell-tale signs that anything was amiss.

The long term results of the release of the inverted nipples are completely normal appearing, projecting nipples that no one would have ever suspected were not that way from the beginning.

And that should make you very happy and self-confident again – at least about your nipples!

Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

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