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Having inverted nipples can be quite embarrassing for many women.

Even psychologically devastating for some.

In fact, its presence can lead to anxiety, depression, decreased self-esteem, lack of confidence, feelings of impaired attractiveness and even avoidance of sexual encounters.

This should come as no surprise. After all, the female breast is considered to be the quintessential symbol of beauty, femininity and womanhood. That includes a perfect nipple-areola complex topping it off at the most projecting point.

Venus de Milo

This symbol of beauty and femininity has persisted for thousands of years and in countless cultures throughout human history. For example, the iconic Venus de Milo statue, sculpted more than 2100 years ago and depicting the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is absolutely famous for her perfect breasts.

And perhaps, to a far lesser extent, her missing arms.

Clearly, not because of her face!

Fortunately, if you have inverted nipples, the treatment is simple, straightforward and highly successful. See “The Psychological Impact of Having Inverted Nipples Can Be Quite Significant But The Plastic Surgical Solution Is Simple and Easy”  and “Inverted Nipple Treatment: Projecting Immediate Beauty” . This is true whether your nipples have always been inverted or if they fluctuate between being inverted and partially projecting at varying times.

The following patient of mine exemplifies the simplicity and success of treating inverted nipples along with the associated satisfaction and psychological relief. In her situation, sometimes the nipples projected (A, C and E) whereas at other times, they were inverted. There was no predictability for this occurrence. However, she did find this situation to be quite stressful and embarrassing. Therefore, she elected to have her inverted nipples treated.

A. Partially projecting right nipple

B. Right nipple after surgery

C. Left – before surgery

D. Left – after surgery

E. Before

F. After

In the office surgical suite, just using local anesthesia, she had complete and painless treatment of her inverted nipples in around 30 minutes (B, D and F).

She has been so incredibly happy with the results and the positive impact that this has had on her in so many ways.

And, the results have been permanent.

Complimentary Consultation for Your Inverted Nipples

If you have been dealing with inverted nipples and want to finally have them treated, you can schedule your consultation by either calling the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at (480) 451-3000 or contacting us by email.

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