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So you are not very happy with the appearance of your breasts. They have lost much of their very youthful appearance. Particularly bothersome is their drooping.

If you are somewhat young, they may even remind you of your mother’s – or even your grandmother’s breasts.

Not good!

So what are you to do?

Well, obviously, go see a reputable plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

That is a no brainer!

Let’s fast forward. You have seen that plastic surgeon (me?) and based on your concerns and desires, recommendations were either made for a mastopexy alone or a mastopexy and breast augmentation.


However, there is that pesky issue of your weight. You are definitely more than a few pounds above your ideal or targeted weight.

Is it 10 pounds?

Twenty or thirty pounds?

Fifty pounds or more?

How do you approach this issue when contemplating a mastopexy?

Weight Fluctuations and Your Breasts

It is a common phenomenon that when you gain weight your breasts will get bigger. Conversely, weight loss is often accompanied by a decrease in the size of your breasts.

When you are young and have great skin elasticity and breast shape, weight changes may just be accompanied by size changes – not in shape. As your tissues lose their youthful elasticity over time, they stretch so that weight fluctuations may be accompanied by increased drooping with deterioration of shape.

How does this apply to a breast lift?

Weight Loss After a Mastopexy

With a mastopexy, your breasts are lifted, reshaped and tightened to yield a more desirable and rejuvenated appearance.

For your weight at the time of surgery.

So, if you lose some weight, you still have the same amount of skin but less volume contained within it. Therefore, you will lose shape and projection and will start to droop more.

You can visualize this as a fully inflated firm balloon that then has a lot of the air let out. It doesn’t maintain its shape, firmness and fullness.

Not exactly what you want after having undergone this procedure.

Clearly, in order to maintain the results of your mastopexy longer, having a stable weight is important.

Are You Planning to Lose Weight?

If you are planning to lose weight and are seeking to have a breast lift, it would then be in your best interests to lose as much of that weight as you can prior to your surgery.

If possible.

A few pounds won’t make a difference. Ten, twenty, thirty or more will.

Can or Will You Lose That Weight

Wanting to lose weight or having a target weight before undergoing a mastopexy are great but being able to accomplish your goal, especially in a fixed period of time, may be another story.

A very common one, unfortunately.

Therefore, though you may not be able to fully realize your goal, if you can at least make substantial progress toward it, this would be in your best interests.

Sometimes – actually, more often than that – you may not be able to make any progress in weight reduction and may just have to accept that reality.

And just go ahead and have your breast lift anyhow because they are surely not looking any better.

Do You Have a High BMI?

A high BMI, or body mass index, means that you are significantly overweight – like obese or even morbidly obese. If a breast lift were to be pursued in these situations, the expected aesthetic outcomes would usually be significantly compromised and limited. The risks for complications, in addition to poor outcomes, would be substantially increased.

Depending on your specific BMI, breast configuration, body structure, etc., your plastic surgeon may strongly recommend against doing a mastopexy – at least at the present weight. They may recommend losing at least a certain amount of weight and then reassessing your situation.

Are You Planning a Pregnancy in the Near Future?

If you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, perhaps within a year, it may be prudent to wait before having your surgery as your breasts will typically be significantly affected by it.

The decision as to whether or not to have your surgery soon while planning on a pregnancy much further into the future – like 2 or 4 years – is not as straightforward. This is definitely a personal decision that you will have to make weighing various considerations. There is really not a right or wrong answer.

Strongly Consider Your Plastic Surgeon’s Recommendations

Recommendations from your plastic surgeon can surely help you in the decision process as regards weight considerations.

Strongly consider them.

Asking the right questions and clearly sharing your goals and sentiments can be quite helpful. Ultimately, it is your decision to make provided that your plastic surgeon is willing to operate on you.

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