Up to $200 Rebate Offered in Celebration of Botox Cosmetic 10th Year Anniversary

Though it may seem like it has been around forever given its widespread popularity and publicity including media exposure, BOTOX® Cosmetic (produced by Allergan, Inc.) is celebrating its 10th year anniversary of FDA approval for the treatment moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. In 2002, it was the…

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Our Brief But Disappointing Experience With Xeomin – a BOTOX Cosmetic Alternative

In November, I presented a report on Xeomin®, a newly available wrinkle treating neuromodulator that had been recently approved by the FDA. Available in various countries worldwide since 2005, it was touted as an alternative (cheaper?) to BOTOX® and a competitor of Dysport®. All three products are based on the…

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In the Future, a Cream Containing a Botox® Like Agent May be Used to Treat Dynamic Facial Wrinkles

Botox® and the other lesser know botulinum neurotoxin type A agents, Dysport® and Xeomin®, can effectively treat dynamic facial wrinkles such as of the crow’s feet, forehead and the glabella (the so-called “1”s and “11”s). They do so rather predictably and without surgery though these treatments are not meant as…

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One Example of the Dangers of Obtaining Non-Operative Aesthetic Procedures From Non-Qualified Practitioners and Why You Should Always Use a Plastic Surgeon

In several previous posts including most recently Buyer Beware When It Comes to Selecting A Doctor to Perform Your Plastic Surgery, I have emphatically stressed the importance of seeking a well qualified board certified plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery needs. This is true not only for cosmetic surgery procedures…

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Dysport™: An Alternative to Botox Cosmetic® That Will Soon be Available

In April, the FDA approved the usage of another cosmetic wrinkle remover, which like Botox Cosmetic®, is derived from botulinum toxin. To be marketed as Dysport™ by Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., it will be a direct competitor to Botox Cosmetic® which is sold by Allergan Inc. It has been used with…

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