The Increasing Popularity of Kybella® Injections for the Non-surgical Treatment of the Double Chin and Fatty Neck

  With the advent of liposuction in the 1980’s, surgically addressing a fatty neck/double chin became far easier, more predictable and with less down time than existing approaches. Often, the only incision needed was a small one near the crease below the chin measuring around 4mm in length. Liposuction of…

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Kybella® and It’s Usage for Non-Surgical Treatment of Localized Body Fat Deposits

Kybella® is an injectable therapeutic agent that has been approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for its use solely in the treatment of double chins (fatty necks) in appropriate patients. It is a manufactured version of deoxycholic acid (Allergan), a bile acid naturally occurring in our bodies which…

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Kybella®: Non-surgical Treatment for Double Chins and Neck Fat

  For years you have had a double chin that you really hate. Perhaps, you have gained a lot of weight and with it, developed a fatty neck. Or, maybe it’s just some extra fat or fullness under your chin which you have that makes you look older and less…

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