How Can I Get Rid of Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss?

plastic surgery after weight loss

Whether it’s achieved through bariatric surgery or a strict but well balanced diet and regular exercise, losing a significant amount of excess weight can be a key step to living a healthier, happier lifestyle. However, the consequences of massive weight loss often include loose, inelastic, redundant skin in various areas…

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Do Facelifts Make People More Attractive?

Can a facelift make you look more attractive? If you want to know the answer, don’t ask Joan Rivers. Or Mickey Rourke. Or Donatella Versace. Or Daryl Hanna. You also may not want to ask Burt Reynolds, Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, or Melanie Griffith. I will rephrase the question: Do…

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Plastic Surgery of the Face Sought to Improve One’s Social Media Appearance

People pursue plastic surgery because they want to look better, both for themselves and to others. It could be a breast augmentation to enhance one’s breasts, self-confidence and sex life; liposuction to appear more sculpted, shapely and refined or even a rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose, possibly…

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Non-surgical Facelifts are NOT Facelifts

You might have seen slick ads or advertorials on TV touting the amazing facial rejuvenating results from simple non-surgical proprietary procedures that sound like they are fairly equivalent to a standard surgical facelift. Great looking, energetic moderators (sales people!) and overly professional appearing physicians enthusiastically hyping the procedures, often using…

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How Long Does A Face Lift Last?

A question that I’m asked by virtually every patient of mine seeking a face lift is: “How long will my face lift last?” When you analyze the words closely, the answer would really depend on what one means by “last” mean? Does it mean when there first are noticeable changes…

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Scar Revision for Hypertrophic Facelift Scars Resulting From Surgery Performed South of the Border

Scars are the result of the body’s healing process following penetrating injuries through the skin. These can be the consequences of trauma, such as of a dog bite or a car accident, or from an elective surgical procedure such as a facelift or tummy tuck. Because incisions used for surgery…

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Dermal Fillers in the Treatment of Facial Aging

Among the classic signs of facial aging are laxity and drooping of the skin and loss of volume. These are manifest in such ways as jowling, creases around the lips (nasolabial folds, marionette lines), contour depressions and hollowing below the eyes and of the cheeks. Reversing or reducing these changes…

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