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Older woman for facelift

You might have seen slick ads or advertorials on TV touting the amazing facial rejuvenating results from simple non-surgical proprietary procedures that sound like they are fairly equivalent to a standard surgical facelift. Great looking, energetic moderators (sales people!) and overly professional appearing physicians enthusiastically hyping the procedures, often using multisyllabic, obscure, impressive sounding terminology that aims to create an aura of authenticity or even scientific substantiation. THEN – there is a cavalcade of the most contrived overly enthusiastic patients who share their effervescent testimonials. We are shown their pre- and postoperative photos capturing what appears to be miraculous photoshopping, uh, I mean transformations.

Did you ever notice that the before photos of these patients quite often show them as angry or unhappy, without make-up, overweight and looking like they hadn’t slept for days? In their after photos, they can’t smile enough, appear thinner, their makeup is exquisitely done, hair is perfect and they exude an almost saintly radiance.

Do I sound a bit cynical?

Well, it’s because non-surgical procedures purporting to rejuvenate the face CAN’T have anywhere near the effectiveness of a properly performed facelift. They may add volume which can affect contour, the duration of which is quite variable. However, they typically don’t tighten, reposition, redrape and remove excess skin – maneuvers that are mandatory for appropriate, predictable and longer lasting facial rejuvenation.

Ever hear of the Vampire Facelift?

It’s a great name that evokes intense, colorful (red!) imagery. It is also a patented procedure that simply involves injecting your own blood that has been processed along with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler (the same material that comprises Juvederm®, Restylane® and Perlane®) into your face, adding volume and affecting contour. No removal of loose, excess skin. Or tightening.

How ‘bout that Stem Cell Facelift?

It sounds almost like a science fiction procedure, one at the vanguard of technology. Anything that mentions stem cells just has to produce miracles. Right?

Not quite!

The procedure involves injections into the face of fat (which is commonly done) which normally has high concentrations of stem cells, except in this procedure, the practitioner often claims to have increased the concentration of these cells. Despite countless anecdotes and “papers” purporting to prove the increased effectiveness of this approach, there are no peer reviewed scientific papers substantiating this. Again, there is no skin tightening, repositioning or removal of excess skin. This stem cell facelift is, in essence, just injections of fat into the face which already is being commonly done as an ancillary procedure of a standard facelift. But with “stem cell” in the name, the practitioner can promote this as an amazing cutting edge treatment and, consequently, charge exorbitant amounts of money.

And get lesser results than from the a traditional facelift.

So buyer beware!

If you need a facelift, then get a facelift – and from a reputable board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Don’t fall for slick marketing hype!

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