Interesting Changes Over 20 years in the Sizes of Women’s Breasts and the Bras That They Wear

Do you know what has substantially increased in size over the last 20 years ago, something that is of intimate importance to both women and men? Unfortunately, it most likely is not the value of your house – if you still have one or ever owned one! It may not…

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Killer Boobs: Breast Augmentation Used for Evil Purposes

Who knew that the harmless but descriptive term “blonde bombshell”, an epithet for a voluptuous, well endowed, drop dead gorgeous blond woman could one day be taken literally? The same goes for the expression that “she has killer boobs”. Our world is being threatened by religious forces of evil and…

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A “T” Cup!

Over the years in my plastic surgery practice, I have seen countless women with massively large breasts who are seeking breast reductions. There are the usual large cup sizes: the “D”, “DD”, “DDD”, “DDDD” and the even more mammoth “E”, “F”, “FF”, “G” and “GG”. You surely know that these…

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A Fun and Festive Way To Check Out Bra Cup Sizes … With Your Significant Other!

Do you find that shopping for bras is not a very enjoyable experience? The lingerie company, La Senza, which is a subsidiary of the Limited Brands (which also owns Victoria Secret), has created a unique advertising approach that makes selecting and buying bras quite entertaining – for both women and…

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