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Over the years in my plastic surgery practice, I have seen countless women with massively large breasts who are seeking breast reductions. There are the usual large cup sizes: the “D”, “DD”, “DDD”, “DDDD” and the even more mammoth “E”, “F”, “FF”, “G” and “GG”. You surely know that these women would benefit from a reduction in their breast size.

On occasion, I have even seen women who have gargantuan breasts with cup sizes up to “J”, “K”, “L” and “M”. They uniformly have the classic symptoms associated with enlarged breasts including the neck, back and shoulder pain, grooving of the shoulders, and major limitation of tolerable physical activities. Many have rashes, areas of skin breakdown, require greater effort in breathing and can’t sleep lying down in bed and instead sleep in recliners.

Unbelievable as it may seem and having never seen this in my office, while surfing online, I came across an actual photo of a “T” cup.


Click here for photo.

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