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As I indicated in a previous post on inverted nipples, they are not just a minor cosmetic issue for most women. This anatomic variation can be quite traumatic on a girl’s or woman’s psyche, resulting in feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, lack of confidence and even depression and can adversely affect her sex life and relationships with men.

This patient of mine pierced her nipples with barbells hoping to camouflage her inverted nipples as well as actually try to cause them to protrude (Figures A, B and C).

A.) Inverted nipples that have been pierced

B.) Pierced inverted left nipple

C.) Pierced inverted right nipple

This approach obviously didn’t work. It did, however, cause considerable inflammation and scarring.

After seeing me in consultation, I had her remove the piercings immediately. A little over a month later in the office using just local anesthesia, both inverted nipples were surgically released and her anatomic deformity quickly and painlessly corrected.

Quite to her satisfaction and pleasure! And – there was no longer any need for those barbell nipple piercings.

D.) Inverted nipples before surgery

E.) Inverted nipples after surgery

If you would like more information on treating inverted nipples or on other cosmetic breast surgery such as a breast augmentation, please contact my office at 480-451-3000. At that time, you can also schedule your free consultation with me.

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