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The presence of inverted nipples in women is not an uncommon occurrence and does have significant aesthetic, functional and psychological implications. There are the obvious issues such as the abnormal appearance and the difficulty or inability to breast feed. However, the effects on a woman’s psyche can be much more problematic, causing stress, feelings of deformity, inadequacy, and a negative self image that frequently has an adverse impact on intimacy.

There are varying degrees of anatomical involvement with inverted nipples. This can range from those that do project some of the time and in certain situations to those that are always retracted. One or both sides can be affected and to varying extents.

Fortunately, there are some simple and relatively painless solutions performed under local anesthesia that are quite successful and can benefit a majority of women affected. Using a small inconspicuous incision placed at the base of the nipple, the ducts and other tissues causing the retraction are released, allowing the nipple to project properly. The nipple is then supported and protected in this position for a week or more to allow healing to occur and to help maintain maximal projection. A majority of women retain most if not all of their sensation to the nipple and at least some are able to breast feed.

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Dr. Turkeltaub is a very experienced plastic surgeon who has performed a large number of breast enhancement surgeries in over 20 years of practice. The following are examples of his expertise in this procedure.

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