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Though women primarily seek out breast reduction surgery, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, in order to help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms associated with their markedly enlarged, heavy and usually droopy breasts, the procedure also has aesthetic benefits. By skillfully lifting, tightening and recontouring the breasts in addition to reducing their size, they can be rejuvenated in appearance.

Definitely a nice secondary aesthetic benefit.

The following breast reduction patient of mine demonstrates both the functional (reconstructive) and cosmetic benefits that can result from this surgery. She is a 44 year old female who was experiencing considerable neck, back and shoulder pain, skin irritation and rashes from her markedly enlarged 36DD breasts (photos A, C and E). Many physical activities had to be limited or avoided altogether due to the discomfort that she experienced when engaging in them.

A) Before breast reduction surgery – frontal view

B) After breast reduction surgery – frontal view

C) Before surgery – side view right breast

D) After surgery – side view right breast

E) Before surgery – side view left breast

F) After surgery – side view left breast

She underwent a breast reduction using an anchor shaped scar allowing for more flexibility in removing strategic tissue along with reshaping the lifting. Around 3.1 pounds were removed which brought her down to a 36C, exactly what she had desired (photos B, D and F).

With all the symptoms that she had experienced only a memory now, she has had no problems doing the physical activities that she enjoys. Because her breasts are shapely, firmer and more youthful in appearance, she also feels more attractive and sexier.

Bet her husband is also quite happy!

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