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The popularity of fat injections for cosmetic enhancement continues to soar and the applications for its usages expand. It almost appears that it can be part of the solution for almost any cosmetic issue..

Aging face?

Facelift AND fat injections.

Body contour depressions?

Fat injections to fill in the concavities.

Want “natural” breast enlargement without implants?

Fat injections.

Improved contouring in breast reconstruction?

Fat injections.

Depressed scars from trauma or surgery?

Fat injections.

And for men: “Inadequately” sized penis?

Fat injections?

What? Are you kidding?

Well not exactly, unfortunately. Wherever there is a “need” that is not entirely mainstream and there is an associated way to make money, you can be sure that there will be unscrupulous, predatory individuals seeking to exploit the situation. These individuals will prey on those men who feel that their “manhood” is not quite up to their desired size and are who are willing to pursue treatments that promise them a bigger, exciting and more pleasurable future.

Is he hiding something?

Is he trying to “hide” something?

Fat injections into the penis in order to enhance the length, diameter and/or appearance rarely ever produce satisfactory results – and for many reasons. The consequences can be quite painful, deforming, permanent and have a major negative impact on one’s sex life. Adding insult to injury, the costs, discomfort and downtime attempting to correct or at least partially undo the damage can be quite significant.

Therefore, for you men who have even the slightest interest in fat injections for enhancement of their manhood, remember the iconic Nike line (slightly modified): “Just Don’t Do It!”

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