Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction: A Major Innovation That Can Lead to Great Results

There have been numerous major innovations in breast reconstruction over the last quarter century that have paved the way for dramatic improvements in the final results. Starting with tissue expanders that are designed to stretch out the chest wall tissues in order to accommodate breast implants, to a multitude of…

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Usage of Acellular Dermis In Breast Reconstruction Improves Results and Predictability and Shortens Time For Final Result

Advances in breast reconstruction techniques for the correction of deformities resultant from treatment for breast cancer have shown great potential and results. This specifically relates to the usage of acellular dermis which is specially treated human tissue devoid of cells, infective agents and immunogenic potential (can’t be rejected by one’s…

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Bilateral Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction With Previous Unilateral Breast Radiation Treatments

In breast reconstruction, the ultimate goal is to recreate a breast that is as close as possible to the remaining breast. Perfect symmetry is naturally impossible. Even in situations where the reconstructed breast may be somewhat “similar” to the remaining breast in appearance in the immediate postoperative period, the two…

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Problems With Tissue Expansion Breast Reconstruction In Previously Irradiated Tissue

Radiation treatment following a mastectomy in the treatment of breast cancer is fairly common. Though refinements have been made in the radiation therapy that have significantly reduced both short and long term sequelae to the skin and underlying tissues, permanent consequences nevertheless exist which will affect the tissue expander breast…

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