Why Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

When choosing what you think is a plastic surgeon for surgical or non-surgical aesthetic enhancement, making sure that your prospective doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is critical to enhancing your chances for receiving optimal quality of care. While a practitioner who offers cosmetic surgery…

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Breast Lifts Are Increasing in Popularity – Or Are They?

Breast lifts, also known as mastopexies, have significantly increased in “popularity” over the last decade and a half. In fact their rate of increase is double that of breast augmentation procedures. This statistic, however, is somewhat misleading. Why? Because it is not a procedure that a woman would chose unless…

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Do It Yourself Breast Augmentation: Not!

For years, breast augmentation has been one of the top two cosmetic procedures chosen by American women. Internationally, it is also extremely popular though there is some variability among different countries. Silicone implants, which are the most studied of any medical device, remain the gold standard and the predominant implant…

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The Importance of Having a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Perform Your Cosmetic Procedures

It seems that rarely does a day go by now without there being some story about a hapless victim of reckless and fraudulent cosmetic surgery perpetrated by a greedy, poorly or non-trained physician who isn’t a plastic surgeon, by a non-physician medically related individual or even by an unlicensed, non-medical…

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Liposuction: It is NOT About the Machine

Too often, liposuction is driven by technology and associated marketing rather than by the training and skill of the medical practitioner. You have seen or heard the frequently slick ads touting the amazing outcomes that can be yours when you have your liposuction using “their” miracle machine. Such may or…

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Buyer Beware When It Comes to Selecting A Doctor to Perform Your Plastic Surgery

The adage that “you get what you pay for” is very true for a segment of the plastic surgery market. In fact, it can be further modified to state that “you get what you pay for – and less!” What I am referring to is seemingly bargained priced cosmetic surgery…

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