Elective Breast Implant Removal: More Happy Breast Augmentation Patients Deciding “Been There. Done That”

  As I noted in a recent blog, Breast Implant Removal – An Increasingly Common Trend, breast implant removal is being requested far more commonly over the last several years. This change can’t be explained away by conjecturing that a far greater percentage of women with implants are unhappy with…

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Breast Implant Removal – An Increasingly Common Trend

Six years ago I wrote a blog detailing the rarity of women who had breast implants, either for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, wanting to have them removed permanently (An Uncommon Form Of Breast Revision Surgery: Permanent Removal of the Breast Implants). The very positive impact that their cosmetic or…

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Deciding Whether to Replace or Just Remove Ruptured or Deflated Breast Implants

The vast majority of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery are very happy with their outcome and the impact on their lives. For many, their lives are positively transformed in a multitude of ways. Which is exactly what they were seeking. These women may also be faced with another…

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Breast Implant Removal Can Provide a Simple Solution to an Unsatisfactory Breast Augmentation Outcome

The vast majority of women who have had a breast augmentation are very happy with their results. In fact, the procedure ranks among the top plastic surgery procedures in terms of satisfaction. This is quite understandable given the multitude of positives associated with breast enlargement some of which include looking…

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