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Six years ago I wrote a blog detailing the rarity of women who had breast implants, either for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, wanting to have them removed permanently (An Uncommon Form Of Breast Revision Surgery: Permanent Removal of the Breast Implants). The very positive impact that their cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery had on their appearance, self-esteem, sexuality and confidence was so substantial that they could not and did not want to envision living without their breast implants. This included women of all ages – even into their eighties.

Yes, there always has been a small percentage of women who for any of a variety of reasons, elected to have their implants removed (a form of breast revision surgery known as explantation). In my practice here in Scottsdale and the Phoenix metropolitan area such was the case for almost 30 years…

Until recently.

Over the last year or so there has been a very noticeable trend for an increasing number of women seeking to have their breast implants removed for a variety of reasons. Interestingly, virtually all of them have been very happy with the results and the positive effects of their breast enlargements, breast lifts with augmentations and breast reconstructions and were not experiencing any problems related to them.

This phenomenon is not just a local one. It has been occurring on a national level and most likely reflects cultural and other changes and issues.

In addition to this explantation trend and going on for more than several years now is another trend – desiring smaller breast enlargements. Rather than seeking very large breasts, the average desired size is noticeably smaller.

The following 61 year old patient of mine had saline implants placed 20 years ago by a plastic surgeon elsewhere. She had been very happy with the results over the years and was not experiencing any problems (photos A, C and E). For personal reasons, however, she just wanted to be much smaller now and wanted breast revision surgery to remove her breast implants and then later on undergo a breast lift.

A. Before breast implants removal - frontal view

A. Before breast implants removal – frontal view

B. After implant removal

B. After implant removal

C. Before implant removal - side view

C. Before implant removal – side view

D. After implant removal - side view

D. After implant removal

E. Before implant removal - other side view

E. Before implant removal – other side view

F. After implant removal

F. After implant removal

An explantation was performed with virtually no discomfort. The photos detail the results at only 2 months postoperatively (photos B, D and F). It can take six months to a year for her skin to tighten up to its maximum long term amount.

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