Closure of Your Gauged Earlobes May Be Easier Than You Think

An increasing number of people nowadays are seeking treatment for their gauged earlobes. The reasons for this are many including: 1. seeking a better, higher paying job where having gauged ears can be an impediment in a variety of ways 2. wanting to pursue higher education and to be taken…

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Plastic Surgery Treatment of Gauged Earlobes: Immediate Results and Virtually No Downtime

More and more people today are realizing that their decision when they were younger to have their earlobes gauged, often strongly opposed at the time by “wiser” family members, was not a very smart one (long term, at least). Now they want to enlist, find a respectable decent paying job or…

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Treatment of Gauged Earlobes: Immediate and Dramatic Improvements with Plastic Surgery

Some indiscretions of youth can sometimes hang around for a while whether or not we like them now. Literally. Like gauged earlobes. There they are: stretched, dangling, and distorted, swaying noticeably with movement and seeming at times to attract unwanted attention. Yes, they are a reminder of that time in…

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Get rid of those gauges in your earlobes!

Sometimes we have to sacrifice our “individuality”, relinquish signs of the rebelliousness of our youth or give up some “coolness” for our own good. And just be a cog in the metaphorical wheel? Not necessarily. But, if you want a decent job, to be taken more seriously, want to further…

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Gauged Earlobes – Then and Now – and Plastic Surgery Treatment

Though it may seem like a somewhat recent fad, earlobe stretching and gauged earlobes can be traced to back to ancient times – thousands of years ago. It was a custom practiced for a variety of reasons, such as religious ones, by countless diverse cultures throughout the world – including…

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Plastic Surgery Treatment for Gauged Earlobes: An Illustrative Case

At the time you decided to have your earlobes gauged, it seemed like a great idea. Maybe you just wanted to look different than most everyone else and this was a statement of your individuality. Perhaps it was done as a sign of rebelliousness and disdain for authority. Or, maybe…

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