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A frequent question among transgender men (transmen or trans males) wanting to transform their appearance in order to match their gender identity is whether or not testosterone therapy will shrink their breasts enough to achieve a masculine-looking chest or if surgery is the only option.

The short answer to this is that for the overwhelming majority of transmen seeking a masculine appearing chest, female-to-male (FTM) top surgery will be necessary. While testosterone may have some impact in decreasing breast volume in certain individuals, its effects are limited and will definitely not reduce or tighten the breast skin. Therefore, breast tissue will still persist and the skin may become or remain lax or even droopy.

These are not the appearances that individuals are hoping to obtain!

The very rare exception to this may be the transman who has virtually no breast tissue to begin with and no true projection. In this situation, there may be absolutely nothing to gain by pursuing top surgery.

So what can FTM top surgery accomplish?

Female-to-male breast surgery entails the removal of the breast tissue, known as a mastectomy, along with excess skin if present. There are a few different techniques available that can help one obtain a very desirable outcome. When performed by a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, the results can be a more natural-appearing male chest contour that effectively addresses gender dysphoria issues. In fact, it is extremely common to hear from patients that this surgery has been absolutely life changing for them.

Many insurance companies now have plans that will cover, at least in part, FTM top surgery. Of course, there are specific requirements that must be met in order to be approved for surgery. Private pay is available and we have negotiated special pricing in order to make the surgery more affordable. In addition, we do work with several medical financing companies to further help make this surgery a reality for you.

If you are a transman interested in achieving a more masculine-appearing chest, please feel free to contact our practice either online or by calling (480) 451-3000 in order to schedule your consultation. Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub has helped many transmen attain the life-changing transformation that they had sought, and he would be happy to assist you in doing the same.

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