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As I have noted previously in several blogs including Breast Reduction Surgery: Plastic Surgery Study on the Satisfaction of the Results and Breast Reduction Surgery In A Woman Wearing a 36G Bra , virtually all women who have undergone breast reduction surgery have been extremely happy with their decision. And, it is not because, unlike any other cosmetic surgery (or even anything in life!), the results are absolutely perfect and predictable every time such as:

No, of course this is not what you can expect though some really spectacular results can be achieved with breast reduction surgery.

The real reasons that women who have had this procedure are so happy are the because of the multitude of beneficial effects that they experience from no longer having gigantic, oppressively heavy and often very pendulous breasts. This transformation profoundly improves their quality of life. Some of these changes can include:

As a matter of fact and possibly quite surprising to most, the satisfaction rate of women who have had a breast reduction even exceeds that of women who have had a breast augmentation.

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