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Patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery have the highest rate of satisfaction of all major plastic surgery procedures. This even includes breast augmentations where 94% of women would make the same decision again. Furthermore, they are so happy and appreciative of the improvement or resolution of their symptoms that they frequently accept aesthetic results that women undergoing other procedures might take more note of.

The following patient of mine illustrates the dramatic improvements that can be obtained through pursuing a reduction mammoplasty. This 29 year old female was experiencing debilitating neck back and shoulder pains secondary to the massive size of her breasts for which she wore a 36G bra (photos A, C and E). Her activities including sports and working out were severely limited due to the pain and discomfort that she would experience as a consequence of her massively enlarged breasts. She already had deep grooves present in her shoulders from the weight of her breasts causing the bra straps to dig into the skin.

A.) frontal view - preoperatively

B.) after breast reduction surgery

C.) side view - preoperatively

D.) after breast reduction surgery

E.) oblique view - preoperatively

F.) after breast reduction surgery

This patient underwent an inferior pedicle technique for the breast reduction which involved anchor shaped incision. The nipple-areola complex was reduced in size and elevated to a proper position while still maintaining its blood supply. A total of 5 pounds of breast tissue was removed (photos B, D, and F).

As a result of the breast reduction, she has had complete alleviation of her neck, back and shoulder pains and is engaging in far more vigorous activities than she had for many years. To her delight, she now wears a “C” or “D” bra as opposed to the gargantuan “G” size which she wore prior to surgery, feels far more attractive and is no longer self conscious about her breasts. Another pleasant surprise is that the sensation of her nipples has been preserved.

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