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In my experience of over 26 years as a plastic surgeon in the Scottsdale and Phoenix Metropolitan area, I have noted that a vast majority of women who have had breast implants placed either for a breast enlargement or breast lift with implants, don’t at some point in time elect to have them permanently removed (explantation). They are usually very happy with their outcomes and the multitude of benefits that breast enlargement and/or rejuvenation provides them and can’t and don’t want to envision living without them. This is less true in women who have undergone breast reconstruction and are experiencing problems.

A previous post on breast revision, entitled Explantation: Permanent Breast Implant Removal in Breast Revision Surgery, listed some of the most common reasons that women with breast implants would elect to have them explanted (permanently removed). The following patient of mine is an example of a combination of reasons for breast implant removal.

This patient underwent a breast augmentation with 360 cc moderate profile saline breast implants placed above the muscle performed by an out of state plastic surgeon 3 years previously. The resultant breast size was far larger than she had wanted to be resulting in her needing to wear a 32DD bra (Photos A, C and E). To compound the problem, she began experiencing both back and shoulder pains which had not been present prior to the surgery. Consequently, she underwent treatments from a chiropractor who told her that at least part of her symptoms could be attributable to the breast implants.

During her plastic surgery consultation with me, I offered her a few choices based on her concerns. The two most sensible options for her were either an implant exchange employing a smaller breast implant placed in a submuscular pocket (one or two stages) or an explantation. For a variety of reasons, she elected the latter.

The explantation was performed without any untoward issues and virtually no discomfort so that there was no need for her to take any postoperative pain medication. Subsequently, she also happily shared with me the fact that she no longer experienced any neck or back pain. Her results a few months later are seen in photos B, D and F

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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