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There are many advantages of placing breast implants behind the pectoralis major muscle for a breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy) and in breast reconstruction. The most significant of these include:

  1. Better ability to detect abnormalities on mammograms versus in front of the muscle (submammary)
  2. Lower risk for capsular contracture (hardness of the breast caused by the formation of scar tissue around the implants)
  3. More soft tissue coverage overlying the implant resulting in a lower risk and extent of visible rippling
  4. Provides a better and more natural interface of the implant with the chest wall
  5. Serves to provide better support of the implant long term as compared to above the muscle where the weight of the implant will cause greater stretching and thinning out of the skin over time as well as its descent on the chest wall
Saline implant above the muscle (submammary) Frontal view

Implants above the muscle. Note the rippling, harsher contours, stretched areolas and unnaturalness of the result. (not my patient)

Implants behind the muscle. Note the more natural shape and smoother curves

Implants behind the muscle. Note the more natural shape and smoother curves. This approach is recommended for most of my patients.

Except for some rare exceptions, most women are best served with the submuscular placement of their implants. As a result, this is my recommendation for virtually all of my patients.

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