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For transgender individuals, whether FTM or MTF, and those that are gender nonbinary (FTN), there is an indisputable incongruity between their gender identity and their appearance. That is, there is an obvious mismatch between their physical anatomy and their “preferred” gender.

When this paradox results in mental and emotional discomfort, it is known as gender dysphoria.

Despite what many naysayers claim, this is not a baseless construct to serve a particular purpose.

It is totally real!

Those who experience gender dysphoria can attest to the negative impact that it has on their thoughts, mind, attitudes and life in general. Some experience it fairly mildly and can tolerate and adjust to it. Others find it more problematic and can’t suppress their thoughts.

Then, there are those individuals who experience major gender dysphoria – they are so overwhelmed by the incongruity of their gender identity with their physical presentation. This, quite often, leads to clinical anxiety, depression, substance abuse, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts and actions.

Transmen (FTM), for example, often cite the loathing that they have of their breasts that usually began at the onset of puberty. To them, the breasts are unwanted, foreign and detested and their removal can’t be soon enough.

These sentiments can clearly be seen during their consultation with me by their actions, body language, anxiety and tacit disgust.

It should come as no surprise, then, that top surgery, also known as gender affirming surgery, is virtually always effective in completely or near completely alleviating gender dysphoria and the associated anxiety and depression.

One’s chest anatomy now matches one’s gender identity.

Patients go from gender dysphoria to generalized euphoria.

It is absolutely life changing and our patients attest to this all the time.

The following video are the spontaneous sentiments expressed by one of our patients regarding their surgery and some of the impact that it has had on their life.



If you would like more information on FTM, FTN or MTF top surgery or to schedule your consultation with me, please contact us at the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at (480) 451-3000 or by email.

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