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If you are in the process of pursuing gender affirming top surgery, you likely have heard firsthand from others as well as read online how absolutely positive and life changing the effects are from having undergone the procedure.

We see and hear about this all the time from our patients. They share the joy and exude the happiness, relief and confidence from having had their top surgery.

It is written all over them as can be seen by their body language and smiles.

This affects their lives in countless positive ways.

Two recent examples of patients expressing their joy after having undergone gender affirming top surgery and which were posted on this site can be read here and here.

It truly gives us great satisfaction knowing that we have had such a positive impact on so many of our patients’ lives. Their expressed appreciation for their results makes what we do here even more enjoyable.

The following thank you card from one of our FTM top surgery patients is an excellent example of the profound and positive impacts that top surgery can have on someone’s life:



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