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The results for individuals undergoing gender affirming top surgery, especially FTM and FTN, are not only quite positive but are often incredibly life changing. After years of dealing with gender dysphoria related to unwanted, alien and even detested breasts, now one has a chest to be proud of and not be repulsed by it.

No more binders, binding tape and the need to wear bulky, amorphous clothes.

Top surgery is like a magic elixir that reduces, if not eliminates, anxiety, depression and stress.

The dramatic results can be appreciated even at the first postoperative visit when, at last, FLATNESS is seen.


As expected, the positive impact of FTM and FTN gender affirming surgery affects everyone in their own unique way. What is not unique, however, is the absolute happiness and joy that is experienced by patients after finally having the chest that had been desired all along.

My patients are extremely appreciative both of having me perform their top surgery and for obtaining the results that they were desiring.

I find it incredibly rewarding and satisfying to be able to have such a huge and positive impact on my patients’ lives.

The following is a creative thank you letter that one of my FTN top surgery patients kindly gave me during a recent follow up visit.





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