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Gynecomastia Treament AZThe appearance of overly large breasts in men is a relatively common condition that affects males both young and old. Although the term “gynecomastia” is generally used in reference to this aesthetic concern, the condition may more specifically be considered “pseudogynecomastia” if the underlying cause of the enlarged breasts is excess fat.

In true gynecomastia, abnormally large male breasts are primarily comprised of excess glandular tissue. This accumulation of extra tissue often starts developing during puberty as a result of hormonal changes, and it tends to resolve on its own for many individuals. When true gynecomastia does not resolve on its own, the most effective treatment is typically direct excision of the glandular tissue.

In contrast to true gynecomastia, the chief cause of pseudogynecomastia is an accumulation of fat in the breasts that causes a noticeable enlargement. While specific exercises and weight lifting techniques may be able to help some males tone and sculpt the chest to improve the appearance of this condition, the most effective treatment for eliminating the manifestations of pseudogynecomastia is generally fat removal with liposuction. Sometimes the differentiation between the two can’t be fully determined until surgery.

In my experience, both types of gynecomastia are very common. Whether the treatment for male breast reduction is by direct excision of the glandular tissue, liposuction of fat or a combination of both, the vast majority of men experience a significant increase in the self-confidence and esteem that typically accompanies a more masculine appearing chest.

Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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