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When it comes to breast implants, it is quite common that women contemplating a breast augmentation place too much emphasis on numbers, that is, implant sizes in cc’s rather than what would give them the best aesthetic result. They will compare themselves to friends who have had a breast enlargement with a particular sized breast implant and may state that “we are built the same” or “are similar in size” so they judge what they would need based on the reference frame of their friend, often wanting at least that size or larger. The same is often true of photos that they have seen online which also list the implant volume.

Unfortunately, things don’t often work this way.

It is just not that simple.

There are many variables to consider that will affect which specific implant that would be most appropriate for each individual’s desired outcome. Some of these factors include a person’s height, weight, initial breast size, vertical location of their breasts on their chest, height and width of their chest, pectoralis major muscle thickness and overall body configuration. A woman who is 5 foot tall, weighs less than 100 pounds and has some breast tissue needs far smaller and often higher profile implants to obtain the same cup size as a tall, broad woman who weighs 190 pounds. A 400 – 500cc or larger breast implant isn’t necessarily needed to obtain desired results.

Size isn’t the sole factor for selecting the best possible implant. Other considerations are profile of the implant (moderate, high and very high), shape (round or tear-drop shaped/anatomic), fill (silicone or saline), and surface (smooth or textured).

The following patient of mine illustrates this concept quite well. She was a 24 year old who wore a 32B bra and was seeking to be a “C” or “D” cup but not overly large. Her height was 5 foot 5 inches and she weighed 125 lbs (photos A, C and E).

A) Before breast augmentation - frontal view

A) Before breast augmentation – frontal view

B) After breast augmentation with 280cc silicone implant

B) After breast augmentation with 280cc silicone implant

C) Before breast augmentation - oblique view

C) Before breast augmentation – oblique view

D) After breast augmentation - oblique view

D) After breast augmentation – oblique view

E) Before breast augmentation - side view

E) Before breast augmentation – side view

F) After breast augmentation - side view

F) After breast augmentation – side view

Because her chest configuration was relatively narrow, a very high profile smooth surface round silicone breast implant was determined to be the most appropriate implant that could provide her with the results desired. A Natrelle® Style 45, size 280cc was chosen, placed in a submuscular pocket through an inframammary incision with the results seen in photos B, D and F.

She wanted a “C”/”D” and that is exactly what she got – all with a relatively small 280cc implant.

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

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