Long Term Results from a Breast Augmentation Using Saline Breast Implants

My unequivocal preference in breast implants for breast augmentation are silicone ones. In fact, they are used in virtually every single breast enlargement that I perform now. Only in very rare situations are saline breast implants used and that is usually due to economic considerations.


Silicone breast implants are far superior to the saline ones in essentially every aesthetic consideration. They look more natural, feel more natural and last longer on average. Their advantageousness is even more apparent in women who are thin and have minimal breast tissue.

When shown and given implants to touch and feel, I have yet to have one person in over 28 years remark that they preferred the saline implant over the silicone.

This doesn’t mean, however, that excellent, long term results can’t be obtained in breast augmentations when saline implants are used.

They can – in appearance and maybe even “naturalness” of feel.

The following patient of mine demonstrates excellent results that have persisted for 13 years.:

This 31 year old woman wore a 32B bra when she sought to have a breast enlargement (photo A, C and E). Due to the Federal government’s (FDA) restriction at the time of the usage of silicone breast implants for primary breast augmentation, she underwent the procedure using moderate profile saline breast implants (Allergan Style 68MP) that were placed in a submuscular pocket.

A) Before breast augmentation

A) Before breast augmentation

B) 13 years after breast augmentation

B) 13 years after breast augmentation

C) Before breast augmentation - side view

C) Before breast augmentation – side view

D) 13 years after breast augmentation - side view

D) 13 years after breast augmentation – side view

E) Before breast augmentation

E) Before breast augmentation- oblique view

F) 13 years after breast augmentation - oblique view

F) 13 years after breast augmentation – oblique view

Despite some weight fluctuations including a pregnancy in the intervening period of time, her results 13 years later remain impressive and natural in appearance (photos B, D and F) and she has been quite happy. Additionally, she has no visual rippling of the skin or fluid waves with movement that are often associated with saline implants.

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona


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