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Breast reduction patients are the happiest of all plastic surgery patients and the reasons are numerous. For most, it is the alleviation of the neck, back and shoulder pain that ranks at the top. Some other common sources of satisfaction include being able to find bras and clothes, in general, that fit; the ability to engage in physical activities without discomfort or creating a public spectacle; a more balanced and attractive appearance; alleviation of rashes, foul odors and skin breakdown; ease of breathing when laying in bed without having to fight against the weight of heavy breasts; and the resultant decrease in attracting unwanted attention.

What could be better than this?

Instant gratification!

And indeed there is.

Most of these improvements resulting from a breast reduction are experienced immediately or relatively early on in the postoperative period. Over the years, I have had countless patients who have told me at their first postoperative visit that they felt much better immediately after surgery than right before. They see the positive effect that it has not only on their chest but also on their overall appearance. Many state that they don’t feel as “fat” and that their friends comment on their skinnier appearance.

By two months, most women have resumed all their preoperative activities and are engaging in ones that they had wanted to but were prevented from due to their massive breast size. Swelling and inflammation begin subsiding though it may take a year to year and a half for these to maximally resolve and the scars to flatten and fully mature.

The following patient of mine exemplifies some of these issues:

This 39 year old woman was experiencing substantial neck, back and shoulder pain due to the size and heaviness of her 34H breasts (photos A, C and E). Her markedly asymmetric breasts were a source of anxiety and insecurity and also made it very difficult for her to find bras that fit. She had considerable discomfort attempting to work out and had to avoid most sports as a consequence. Acupuncture and massage treatments were tried but were entirely ineffective.

A) Before breast reduction

A) Before breast reduction

B) 2 months after breast reduction

B) 2 months after breast reduction

C) Before breast reduction - side view

C) Before breast reduction – side view

D) 2 months after breast reduction - side view

D) 2 months after breast reduction – side view

E) Before breast reduction - oblique view

E) Before breast reduction – oblique view

F) 2 months after breast reduction - oblique view

F) 2 months after breast reduction – oblique view

A bilateral reduction mammoplasty was performed with 650 grams removed from the right breast and 422 grams from the left resulting in her fitting into 34C and D bras. At eight weeks postoperatively (photos B, D and F) there had complete alleviation of her symptoms and had resumed full activities including working out and outdoor recreational ones.

Needless to say, she was overwhelmingly ecstatic with the results from her breast reduction.

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