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Perhaps you have heard of or seen in the news the insta breast procedure which was “developed”, is performed and marketed by one New York City plastic surgeon. Because of its somewhat bizarre, salacious, superficial as well as pricey nature, it has gained considerable traction with the news media (even if only temporarily).

So what is this insta breast procedure and does it offer benefits for some women?

According to information publicized, this procedure involves the injection into the breasts of a saline based solution in order to provide a temporary breast augmentation. Unfortunately, though, temporary in this case means just a mere 24 hours, as the body absorbs the fluid. The whole procedure takes around 20 minutes to perform and is reported to have a very low complication rate.

Apparently, the plastic surgeon is exploring another solution that may provide for results lasting 2 – 3 weeks. This outcome will clearly have some different implications and purposes from this 24 hour one.

And then there is the cost…

Around $2,500.

Yup, that’s right!

For results that last only 24 hours you pay a very hefty price.

In the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, starting for little more than double the price, you can have a reputable plastic surgeon perform a breast augmentation with saline implants (slightly more for silicone breast implants) with results that can last for years .

Not just one day.

So what is the intended purpose of this 24 hour “breast enlargement”?

According to the plastic surgeon, it is to provide an opportunity for some women to see what it may be like to have enlarged breasts but without actually undergoing a surgical breast augmentation.

Perhaps, in the extremely rare circumstances, this may be a marginally valid option but I have so many concerns regarding this on multiple levels including the obscene cost (my opinion) that I would not recommend it for any of my patients. There may, however, be a more justifiable usage if the duration of this temporary breast augmentation were a bit longer – like 2 or 3 weeks or more – but that would depend on multiple factors.

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