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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your breast augmentation and the silicone implants lasted forever? You would never have to think about having to replace them sometime in the future because they had ruptured. In fact, the only reason to replace them with new ones would be if you wanted to change your breast size.

Unfortunately, the reality is that silicone breast implants are not permanent, indestructible devices. Given a long enough time, they will break down and then ultimately need to be either replaced or removed.

They do, generally, last significantly longer than saline breast implants.

Many women are under the impression that breast implants must be replaced every ten years. Perhaps, they read this online or heard it from someone that they knew. Regardless of where they got that information, it is not true.

There is absolutely no “ten year rule” regarding the need for implants to be replaced. I have actually reviewed this misconception previously in “The Ten Year Myth Regarding Breast Implants”.

Exactly ten years ago.

What a strange coincidence!

The modern day implant is designed to be very strong, durable and long lasting and generally that is the case. There are variabilities that may affect their “life expectancy” but these are not truly clear and have not been identified. I have seen many women with a ruptured implant on one side while the other one is still in relatively pristine condition. Furthermore, it does not even appear that there is an association with one particular side, one’s handedness (right versus left) or even activity types or levels. There may be some differences in durability based on the implant manufacturer.

The rate of silicone breast implant rupture at ten years for primary breast augmentations can be considered to be at or below 10%. The vast majority of these implants will last far longer – up to twenty, thirty or more years.

Just not necessarily forever.

If you would like to learn more about how to determine if your implants are ruptured, you can read “How Can I Tell If My Breast Implants are Ruptured?”.

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