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Whether it’s for a breast augmentation, a breast lift with implants or breast revision surgery involving implants, choosing the proper breast implant shape and size is essential to achieving an optimal outcome. During the consultation process for breast implant procedures, I strive to comprehensively educate my patients on the various options available in order to provide them the opportunity to make an informed decision. Along with helping to establish reasonable expectations that can realistically be attained, carefully listening to and advising patients based on their specific needs and goals enables me to more predictably achieve the desired results.

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When choosing a range of implant sizes that may be right for you, I find that allowing my patients to see and physically “try on” implant sizers in the office is often very helpful. This can provide a somewhat realistic, excellent three dimensional perspective of potential results that may be obtained. Using plastic bags filled with rice, a recommendation often found online as well as from some physicians’ offices, has very limited usefulness or accuracy.

Examining before-and-after photographs of breast augmentation patients can also be quite informative not only in assessing the outcomes based on implant size and shape for specifically and uniquely proportioned individuals but also in evaluating the capabilities and results of the plastic surgeon, realizing that these results usually represent the best ones. These images are more useful when they contain specific details about the procedure including the implant size, shape, type, placement utilized and the person’s height, weight and age.

When selecting which breast implant shape and style would be right for you, your specific goals in size and appearance, in conjunction with your particular body frame, chest wall configuration and present breast tissue, will be the crucial determinants. Breast implants can be round or anatomical/teardrop shaped, the latter generally (though not always) providing less fullness higher up. The round implants, particularly the high and ultra high profiled ones, will have more of a push-up bra like appearance.

Implants are also offered with different “profiles,” which refers to the projection of the implants as it relates to its diameter for a given volume. For example, a low profile 300 cc implant is wide with limited projection whereas an ultra high profile one is far less wide but with much greater projection. You can visualize this with a real life example involving two people, each who weighs 200 pounds: one is skinny and tall; the other, short and pudgy.

Ultimately, the selecting of the right implants for your unique needs and goals involves more than just determining the size and shape. These options will be discussed thoroughly at the time of your consultation.

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