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Over the years I have had many patients as well as their significant others question whether doing sit-ups on a regular basis would result in a tighter and flatter abdomen thereby averting the need for an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This is clearly an area of confusion for many.

Can religiously performing sit-ups or abdominal crunches miraculously tighten your abdominal wall, reduce the circumference and protrusion and address the lax skin?

Of course not!

The rectus abdominis muscles will become thicker and firmer but the muscle laxity and separation of this layer will not be reduced. Furthermore, there will be absolutely no impact on the excessive amount of stretched out skin.

Surgery in the form of a tummy tuck will be necessary in order to tighten and contour the underlying muscle layer as well as the overlying lax skin. The aesthetic results from this plastic surgery procedure can be quite dramatic and rewarding.

Abdomen before surgery - frontal view

After an abdominoplasty

Before surgery - oblique view

After an abdominoplasty

Before surgery - side view

After an abdominoplasty

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