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The development of lower back pain during pregnancy is not an uncommon occurrence. It is the result of the stretching of the abdominal wall muscles along with postural changes compensating for the added weight of a growing baby. Unfortunately, this lower back pain can persist after pregnancy due to non-reversible anatomic changes involving the stretched out abdominal musculature that leaves a weakened core and protruding abdomen.

So can a tummy tuck help resolve this issue?

For many women, the answer is yes.

Tummy tuck surgery can often be an excellent solution for significantly reducing, if not eliminating, lower back pain originating during and persisting after pregnancy.

In addition to excess skin and fat removal, abdominoplasty is designed to tighten and repair stretched and/or separated muscles of the abdomen. This not only restores them to an ideal position but also helps strengthen the entire core. As a result, this can lead to improved posture and less strain on the lower back. According to a 214-patient study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons—51 percent of patients were experiencing “moderate to severe disability from back pain” prior to tummy tuck surgery, and only nine percent still had issues six weeks after treatment. The percentage of women still bothered by back discomfort was even less at six months post-op.

If you are experiencing lower back pain after your pregnancy, Dr. Steven Turkeltaub can determine during your consultation whether tummy tuck surgery would be a good option for your needs. Over the years, he has helped numerous women get rid of their back discomfort while also restoring their pre-pregnancy figures through an abdominoplasty. If you are seeking a similar outcome, simply contact our practice online or by telephone to schedule your consultation.

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