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Those who have had their FTM or FTN top surgery can truly appreciate the countless benefits from their gender affirming surgery.

Of course, the overwhelming and number one benefit is that the source of their dysphoria is gone.

It is history.

Their previous presence is to be forgotten.

No more need to wear irritating, uncomfortable and even painful binders. Blisters and skin breakdown from taping are also a thing of the past. These were made even worse living in the Arizona heat or the heat plus humidity elsewhere.

There is also no need to strategize your clothing selections so as to hide your chest because there is nothing to hide, compress or smother anymore.

Not having to deal with these two issues simplifies this part of your life and means less time needed to get dressed to go out.

And to do so with less, if any, anxiety.

Now you can look and be cool and not have to think much.

Be spontaneous and not have to worry.

Like this guy who came to his appointment dressed… chill (photos).

Before FTM Top Surgery

5.5 months after FTM Top Surgery

Before FTM Top Surgery

5.5 months after FTM Top Surgery

He was never able to walk around before like this prior to his FTM top surgery which was done less than six months previously. In fact, he had been suffering from significant social anxiety and anxiety in general.

No more.

He is now extremely happy and thoroughly enjoying his first summer after top surgery.

Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

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