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It should come as no surprise whatsoever that those individuals who have undergone either FTM or FTN top surgery are incredibly happy with their gender affirming surgery results.

The reasons should be quite obvious.

You are, in essence, trapped in the wrong body! It truly feels foreign and even distasteful or repulsive to you.

The stress, embarrassment and anxiety of having to deal with gender dysphoria on a daily basis can’t be overestimated.

Far too many individuals facing this fact have substantial clinical anxiety and depression often along with a litany of other psychological and emotional issues including lack of confidence, low self-worth, social challenges and confusion.

Without a doubt, our FTM and FTN top surgery patients are our happiest and most appreciative patients. Period.

If you have already had your top surgery, you understand this and likely have experienced the dramatically positive changes on your life and well-being from the procedure.

For those who are seeking this gender affirming surgery, you likely have come across a lot of positive feedback online from those individuals who have already had their surgery.

Then there are some situation where the results from top surgery are even more dramatic.

Like the following patient of mine.

“Dramatic” FTM Results

This 21 year old transman had significant gender dysphoria related to his very large breasts (photos A, C and E). Due to the substantial size of his breasts, they were difficult to hide and binding was painful, irritating, inadequate and problematic.

A. Before Top Surgery

B. 13 months postoperative

C. Before

D. After

E. Before

F. After

He underwent the double incision free nipple graft mastectomy with masculinization of his chest. Results are seen at 13 months after surgery, though 10 pounds heavier (B, D and F).

Pretty dramatic results, indeed!

And life changing for him.

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