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Left photo © WOI-TV; Right photo © Nora Josephine Scott Reichardt/Facebook

The following is an inspirational story of 24 year old Nora J.S. Reichardt, a TV news reporter in Des Moines, Iowa, who recently came out on air as a transwoman.

Coming out to your friends as transgender is one thing.

Telling or attempting to tell your family can be something else. Stressful is often an understatement.

However, announcing this on air to a very large community takes it to a whole different level – at least publicly.

In the following article and in the contained videos, Nora details her journey, issues, challenges and anxiety. Though she is somewhat of a public figure, her story shares so much in common with what my transgender patients have shared with me over the years.

Each person’s situation has some uniqueness but it is a slight variation on common themes.

In addition to reading the following article, be sure to view the contained videos. You may find this story to be both inspirational and motivational.

Iowa news reporter comes out as a transgender woman during special on-air report into her transition

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