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Gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, has been clearly documented to have a significant negative impact on the self-esteem, behaviors and social interactions of a large proportion of affected men. As I documented in a recent blog, The Emotional and Social Impact of Gynecomastia on the Adolescent Male, this can lead to depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, social withdrawal, thoughts of suicide ideation and eating disorders. Furthermore, many males avoid a variety of sports and activities due to the predictable embarrassment of risking or having their chest exposed, revealing their feminized breasts.

The issue is further magnified in those males with more advanced involvement and in those who are younger in age. For a male in adolescence, with all the emotional issues and physical changes manifesting themselves, having to deal with the added burden of profound gynecomastia can be severely devastating, mentally and emotionally. The following patient of mine is such an example.

This 13 year old boy presented to me with a year and a half history of progressive, advanced gynecomastia (photos A, C and E). The large size and prominence of his breasts had created a nightmare for him. Not only was he depressed and withdrawn due to this problem but he had been relentlessly subjected to ridicule and abuse both at school and elsewhere. He avoided sports and activities where there was a social interaction. A thorough endocrine workup was completed but it didn’t uncover anything untoward.

13 year old with prominent gynecomastia

A) 13 year old with prominent gynecomastia

After plastic surgery treatment

B) After plastic surgery treatment for gynecomastia

C) Before surgery - side view

C) Before surgery – side view

D) After surgery - side view

D) After surgery – side view

E) Before surgery - oblique view

E) Before surgery – oblique view

F) After surgery - oblique view

F) After surgery – oblique view

My recommendation to him and his parents was plastic surgery treatment involving ultrasonic assisted liposuction and direct excision of the breast tissue to be performed under general anesthesia. He proceeded with the procedure, experiencing little discomfort and no problems postoperatively.

Within a few weeks of his male breast reduction surgery, it was clearly evident that he was happier, noticeably more confident and outgoing. Not an unrelated coincidence! The photos definitely capture his story (photos B, D and F).

As expected, he and his family were quite ecstatic with the results and effects of the surgery – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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